Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cross Stitch is Cool

I enjoy the hand stitching I do on softies and other crafty projects, french knots, blanket stitch, chain stitch, whatever stitch it is, I find it relaxing. Little faces come to life and decorative details take on  new dimension.
Cross stitching is one of the many crafty things I've tried my hand at over the years. I did a few when I was in my late teens and although they were never framed or hung (and I have no idea where they are now) I loved seeing them finished.
Now you can wear your cross stitch work. Perth based Osmosis Design offer these bamboo canvases to create your own pendant/brooch. (Also available in acrylic)

Also, Delilah Devine have a kit with everything you need to make a necklace- bamboo canvas, needle, threads, silver chain and pattern. These make gorgeous and unique Christmas gifts.

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