Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chair Choices

With the school holidays just around the corner and Jon therefore being around the house more, I am going to get started on Michaela's new bedroom. Whether it is ready for her birthday is another story but I'm aiming to have it almost ready for the end of October.
I'm having the debate of toddler bed v single bed at the moment. I'd prefer to buy just the one single bed which will have a long life and allow us to attach siderails. Unfortunately I'm yet to find one I like, and after finding Michaela sleeping head first down the bottom of her cot this morning, I'd like one that is also close-ish to the floor.......
Michaela loves her books and a little reading corner will be a definite space in her room. These two chairs are gorgeous, I just have to decide on which one.
Retro chair $49.95 plus postage

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