Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spring time

It's been a lovely start to September. My parents headed off for a 7 week trip around Europe (super jealous!), my grandparents took off up north to Carnarvon for a month and well, we stayed put! Spring weather demanded an outing for Fathers' Day so we spent the morning at Heathcote. Lots of swings, slides and some hot chocolate with my two fav people was the perfect way to spend Sunday.

Fathers' Day @ Heathcote
I've also managed to get some sewing done- two babushkas with tie front scarves were made along with another seahorse, this one with two extra side fins.

sorry about the cloudy photo :(

I've just started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo after seeing the movie a couple of months ago and after finally(!) finishing the Harry Potter series. I'm listening to The xx and far too much of The Wiggles, and am looking forward to the start of Junior Masterchef and The Block!

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