Thursday, November 4, 2010


I don't know how so many mums do it! Work, family, house, blog, facebook, sleep, friends, the list goes on. I've had a pretty full on couple of weeks and the coming few are much of the same. It has been so wonderful getting involved with the Handmade Markets, and they haven't even happened yet!! There has been lots of emails, Facebook 'likes' and all round interest in both the markets and little cloud factory- really quite humbling to receive so many lovely messages. So, I've been juggling the sewing and market prep with everything else and well, understandably some things are not quite at their usual standard, ie cleanliness of the house and dinners that consist of only 3 ingredients!
I had also been planning on writing a post about my little girl's 2nd Birthday. We had a wonderful Saturday with her and our families and friends. I will share some pics from her Wonderland Tea Party shortly.
So, only two more sleeps until my first market- ahhh!!! I'm feeling ok- have made lots (40!) softies and am really happy with how my table is coming together (will share pics later.) Tomorrow will be printing and attaching tags and packing my car in preparation for an early start on Saturday. I know that I will be quite anxious on the morning before the market kicks off but I have lots of supportive friends and family coming along so that will help.

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