Tuesday, June 21, 2011

37 weeks

Here's me and my belly at 37 weeks. I had intended to capture a few more photos during this pregnancy but alas I am almost at the end and only have a couple of pictures. I'm at the 'can't wait to meet this little person/ can't wait to sleep on my back, see my toes and eat some smoked salmon with lashings of soft cheese' stage. I've put on 11.5 kgs to date which is much less than with my first pregnancy. I gained almost 17 kgs last time due to a lot of fluid retention: carpal tunnels, cankles, chubby face! This baby is moving a lot, has hiccups most days and has a favourite spot for kicking out her foot, all of which make for a very active tummy. I get such strong movements at night that the mattress shudders! All in all the pregnancy is going well and this last trimester is flying by. I've almost completed the nursery and am enjoying popping in there each time I come upstairs.

Here is a list of my pregnancy/baby daily 'must-reads'

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