Monday, September 26, 2011

Harper Rose Lindsay O'Brien 7/7/11

It has been a while since I have had the time (and energy!) to write a post and all because of this little gorgeous, cuddly, smiley creature.

Harper arrived 4 days before her due date on Thursday 7th July at 12.25pm. She weighed 7 pound 8 ounces/ 3.42kg and measured 51 cms. The labour went smoothly and quickly, which is apparently the way my body likes it- get it over and done with fast! We have both had a few hiccups since she arrived but we are now doing well and enjoying getting to know one another. It has certainly been a whole new adjustment this time round. I'd forgotten how much extra washing one little person can create and how getting to a certain place by a certain time requires A LOT of logistical planning. Michaela is enjoying being a big sister and seeing her change in these last few weeks has been really lovely.

At the 12 week mark, Harper is now starting to settle into a semi-predictable routine which will hopefully allow me to get back into some sewing and blogging. I hope to share the final nursery pics soon as well as a few crafty creations. I went to a friend's baby shower last weekend and managed to make her one of these. I forgot to take a photo of him but he turned out very nicely and was a quick project I'd been meaning to do for a while.

I really like the monthly baby photos done by this and this blog and will be doing the same for Harper. Here she is at 2 months; slightly stunned but still cute! She is sitting next to an adorable bear that my parents gave her which is personalised with her name and date of birth. They can be ordered here.

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