Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's Been Going On

I love Christmas and watching my own children now experience this exciting time is just lovely. Michaela and Santa are not besties yet again this year, she's happy to see him from a distance but within 5 metres and you can expect tears. I don't blame her, all you can see are eyes hidden under a hat and enormous beard and a very ill fitting red suit so if 5 metres is our limit then so be it. The decorations on the tree, the multitude of flashing lights adorning houses and the increase in chocolate around the house have created a lot of excitement this year and the build up to Christmas Day is mentioned daily.

As the years progress, however, I find myself more and more 'grrrr' as we approach Christmas. The increase in people in the shops and the aggressive driving on the roads and the car parks frazzle me. Throw in weddings, Christmas catch ups and wind-ups, stifling heat and I soon crave some quiet days at home. I've turned to online shopping for my last few gifts and we have a week away planned for next week- bliss!!!

We went to Busselton this last weekend to watch my brother-in-law compete in the Ironman. The event was spectacular and I am in awe of everyone who competes in such an event. It was also a 'trial getaway' with the two girls so that next week's little holiday may be a little smoother. (All 4 of us slept in the one room- NEVER AGAIN!! I got a total of 2 hours sleep.......)

Last night we went to see Grinderman perform in Fremantle. Nick Cave, Warren Ellis......awesome musicians and music.

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