Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finished Projects & Plans

Here is my most recently completed softie. A friend is due to give birth next month so hopefully this little guy will provide some cuddles for her son/ daughter. I have tweaked my owl softie pattern (from two years ago) and am pretty happy with this final result.

I now need to get my softie making backside into gear for the Softies for Mirabel which are due by the end of February. Another owl, spaceboy, doll or a new design........decisions!

Also next month I am participating in a small community market. This is my first market in over a year so preparing for something small should be a good way for me to get back into the handmade scene and get some feedback.

Michaela begins pre-Kindy this year which involves a full day of activities at a nearby Recreation Centre each Thursday. This will be her first time away from me (other than with grandparents) for longer than an hour and I think that this will be a bigger adjustment for me than for her! We attended her Open Day on Friday and she was reluctant to leave so that's a good sign.

Our home is sure to be inundated with art work from Michaela upon each return from pre-Kindy so I've been looking around for display ideas. This post provides some good inspiration. It's a fine line between wanting to display your child's work and not have it take over the house and look cluttered. I'm currently looking around the house for possible 'gallery space' and will show you how it works out soon.

Before children I considered myself the Queen of Organisation. I love lists, ticking items off and feeling like I was on top of my life. I still love making lists and I can multi task with the best of them- as I type this I'm also feeding Harper her breakfast, making a list of things to pack for the girls for when I go to work tomorrow and reading Little Miss Wise to Michaela (she's on a Mr Men/ Little Miss bender at the moment...) but with two children, I seldom feel on top of things in my life. This article is a good starting point in helping me feel more in control (and less forgetful!)

This penguin softie is sweet.

What a fun skirt to make and wear.

I have never come across Shrinky Dink before but I like this jewellery idea.

There is a plethora of laser cut jewellery out there but I'm definitely not sick of it, these brooches are adorable.

Who doesn't love bubble wrap? With this, you can pop all year long!

Have a wonderful weekend! x

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