Saturday, January 28, 2012

End in Sight

Crazy heat wave here these last few days. 40C + for almost a week which has forced us inside and under the air conditioning. There is nothing more uncomfortable than breast feeding a baby when you're both perspiring. Today is set for 42C and then we have a reprieve so hopefully this is the longest stretch of high temps for this summer.

One good thing to come out of being house bound is that I've started a few projects. I appear to have started about 5 but have only finished one. I tend to flit from one thing to another when I have a new idea. Not always good practice as I consequently have half a dozen piles of fabric and patterns strewn across the table but it is nice to be busy.

After receiving some new felt in the post recently I've been playing around with a few brooches and ornaments. I made this little felt cloud brooch yesterday. I am going to make a couple of changes before creating a tutorial to share so you can make one too.

This is also the beginning of a new softie. He/She has started off similar in head shape to my Spaceboy but I'd like to vary my use of fabrics with this one and find some linen and or kokka to suit his 'style.'   

Whatever you have planned, have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for visiting Little Cloud Factory- check back in next week for the Silver Lining Cloud Brooch pattern.
x Penelope

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