Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dollhouse Update - Bathroom

The dollhouse is out of the box and partially constructed, and despite it's very plain exterior is quite sweet. Four rooms, a set of stairs and a facade, all ready for some colour and personality.

And now that I've started looking for ideas to turn this dollhouse into something AMAZING, I've found out that dollhouse furniture can be ridiculously EXPENSIVE! As gorgeous as this kitchen is, $50+ is just too much, especially considering that the house itself only cost me $20. So, Mum to the rescue. My mother had a collection of dollhouse furniture which is about 30 years old and still in their respective boxes. She had planned to use it on a dollhouse for me as a child but dolls weren't my thing so she hung onto them all this time.

There is no rush to complete this project so the plan is to play around with what I have lying around as well as the 'vintage' furniture from my mother. Here's the current upstairs bathroom. Not quite the colour scheme I was imagining but maybe I could paint it..........???
 Did you have a dollhouse as a child? Did your mother have the foresight to hang on to toys from your childhood?

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