Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Thursday

My first baby starts at Pre-Kindy today. Kindy for kids whose birthdays fall in the later half of the year. She is beyond excited and my heart is currently swelling, both with pride and with the realisation that this is one of MANY big steps for her. I am promising myself not to cry and I'm sure I'll be fine, until I get back in the car and drive away........

My other baby chose to start her day at 4.10am. Not cool, Harper! Don't you love how children can pick those days when you really need a sleep or when you have big plans for the day??!!! Grrrrr. After my initial 'Are you kidding me?' (perhaps with an expletive or two in there) I felt sorry for her. It's super muggy, she just cut her first two bottom teeth, there are more teeth on their way and she just couldn't get back to sleep. The fact that she only sleeps on her tummy now adds to the discomfort when hot. But she is an awesome kid and I can't stay cranky with her when she has this expression 99% of the day.

How did your children enjoy their first day of Kindy/School? Hope you managed to keep away the tears ;)

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