Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Laundry Inspiration

We got a new washing machine on the weekend. Obviously not the most exciting of news and acquisitions but I do love new, shiny toys! Our laundry room is not hidden behind a door and is also currently used as a change area for Harper (and visiting babies) so it's not one of those rooms where the chaos can be shut away.

As is often the case when something new enters the home, the surroundings look old and drab and you find yourself thinking about re-vamping rooms, accessories, etc. And this is what I'm doing now looking at my tired and bland laundry. I'm not sure whether I would ever have a large bouquet of flowers in my laundry, but this pic is great food for thought. Lots of light, good cupboard space, a rug for texture, all of which make for a clean, organised and 'inviting' laundry.

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