Friday, February 17, 2012

Loungeroom Makeover- On a Budget

Our front loungeroom underwent a little makeover a couple of years ago. New paint, some new accessories and all on a pretty tight budget of $100. I took my inspiration from this pic in an attempt to 'lighten' the room. (The original wall paint was a dark grey and with it's south facing front windows, the room was just too dark.)

I did have a 60s/70s teak sideboard on my wish list to replace the existing black glass tv unit but instead I put on my frugal redecorating hat last weekend and came up with this.

We had one IKEA Expedit upstairs in the study for books and another in the main family room which held magazines and some toys. And now we have a long console for the tv, books and a few accesories. I'm pretty chuffed with our kinda-repurposed tv console/ sideboard/ bookcase and especially with it's $0 price tag!

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