Thursday, March 15, 2012

House Hunting

We're not on the lookout for a new home but I must admit that I do spend far too many online hours 'just looking.' Plus, house prices are scary right now especially when I think back to what I spent ten years ago and how much more land this house sits on than the majority of houses on the market. 

Me and my iPad can be found most evenings on the couch browsing through the countless images of houzz. (You can visit the website too.) I have my Ideabook filling up with gorgeous pics and interior inspiration and it's a little bit addictive. 

Via Dalani
Have you subscribed to Dalani yet? This site offers stylish furniture and accessories for your home at a discount. You also receive regualar articles via email with inspiration and DIYs.  I haven't purchased anything (yet!) but there is a lot of wonderful choice!

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