Friday, April 27, 2012

A Kick Start

My commitment to this blog has been nothing but dismal of late. Unfortunately I can't blame computer glitches or a lack of ideas for posts, it's just that ever present inability of mine to maintain balance. I think I do a pretty ok job at being a wife and mummy, no one goes hungry or is dressed in dirty clothes, we arrive when we say we will arrive and I ensure the girls are read to every day, so the important things are covered. And then there is me and some time to myself. Time to myself begins around 8pm and ends with me fast asleep not long after. Before kids I'd happily (and quite easily) stay up late but those nights are long gone. Anyway, I've struck a deal with hubby and have a couple of DAYLIGHT hours to myself each week- hurray! It's the kick I need hopefully too to focus more on sewing, getting some new ideas for designs off the paper cluttering my desk and into reality and maybe even hit the market scene before the year is out. I do have a feeling of dejavu writing this as I began the year with similar goals but hey, it's still only April and I recognise the need for me to do something fulfilling, creatively speaking.
One of the first softie patterns I bought was the delightful Baby Chibi so what better to make a return to sewing than make a baby chibi for my baby Harper. I gave myself what I thought was a realistic deadline given my recent ability to commit to a project and planned to finish this softie for her birthday in early July. I am proud to say she is nearly done, waiting for some stuffing and well ahead of schedule! Here's to a much needed kick start for me and my sewing and sharing bits and pieces along the way!


  1. Super cute little doll :) well done!

  2. I can't wait to see the finished product. Love the fabric choice, the way you have stitched the face and heart.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments.
      Penelope x


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