Friday, June 15, 2012

Crazy Times

This last week and a bit can be summed up in one word 'crazy.'

I did some work outside of the home over the last week and a half and while my working day wasn't long (between 3 and 7 hours) the logistics of doing so were crazy. Preparing for each day was a frantic exercise with getting myself ready, the girls, their meals, their routines, dropping them off at my parents', picking them up and then something that resembled dinner at the end of the day. The work was good, I'm looking forward to receiving my 'pocket money' and all went well (we didn't forget to pick up the kids or miss a meal) but I am so glad we don't do this every day. I have a huge respect for parents who juggle home and work because it is no easy task.

Our weekend was also crazy. Saturday was busy with the usual swimming lessons in the morning followed by a birthday party in the afternoon. Sunday was our chill out at home day. We lost power just after 2pm that day which was followed by a huge 'once in a decade' storm. Candles, torches and a takeaway dinner that evening. We woke Monday morning to find that we were still without power. The news broadcasts indicated that it could be up to a week for some homes to return to power, so I not only packed up the girls for my day at work but also the contents of my fridge and freezer to store at my parents' home. Thankfully we were without power for only 24 hours. I'm pretty embarrassed to say that I didn't cope too well with the loss of light, electricity and heat. Maybe because the girls are still a little young for the experience to have been 'fun' ie playing board games, pretending to camp out in the family room, telling scary stories, etc. Instead it was all about keeping Harper away from candles, trying to prevent her from falling over toys and shielding the constant barrage of questions from Michaela about the thunder storm and loss of power.

Needless to say I did little crafting this week. I did however make my first sale on my madeit store. What was especially nice about this sale was that it was to a return customer. She had bought some babushkas from me in the past and given them as gifts to the young girls in her family. Another girl was born into the family recently and she wanted to continue the tradition. How sweet is that?!

Fingers crossed that the crazy times are behind us and some normality is on it's way. I started to put a new design on paper last night (inspired by some new fabric) and finished off a wall hanging so craft-wise I'm getting back on track.

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