Saturday, July 14, 2012

Learning Patience (& how to price)

If you've ever made a softie before, you'll have learnt that it can take a long time between cutting out the pattern pieces to stitching your creation shut. As someone who acknowledges that patience isn't always my strong point, the satisfaction achieved when I finish a softie outweighs the time taken to get there. Over the last few days I have been making these two deer softies, the pattern is Melly and Me's Dawn the Deer  and I estimate that each has taken me approximately 6 hours (and I'm not quite finished!) Despite this I love how they have turned out and look forward to putting in that final stitch at some free moment this weekend.

Now comes the question of how to price these pretty girls, a price that reflects the materials and time/effort spent in making them. I struggle with pricing softies of this complexity, do you have a method for pricing your creations taking time, complexity, design process, etc into consideration or do you simply settle on a price that you are comfortable with? Please share with me your suggestions and experience.

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  1. Oh Pen, I love these little beauties! Please let me know when you come up with a price. I adore them and would love to give one/them to someone as a gift.


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