Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh dear!

Eeekkk, I completely dropped off the blog radar; sorry. Unfortunately no exciting explanations like winning the lotto and flying to New York on a private jet or even boring ones like my Internet was down.......nope just the simple reason of running around with the kids, fitting in some sewing where possible and running out of steam at the end of each day.

So, I'll try to bring you up to speed with what I/we have been up to in a flurry of photos.

The four of us went to the zoo and here I am with the girls on the carousel. Sorry it's a blurry snap but it's the best one of us. Getting three people to look in the same direction while on a moving horse is just plain ridiculous. The carousel and the crocodile were the highlights of our day according to Miss 3.

I have decided to create a Christmas softie this year to hopefully take to a couple of upcoming markets. This boy elf will have a female friend too and I plan to have them completed in the coming days. I am participating in a Facebook showcase titled A Handmade Christmas where I will be offering a pair of elves (once my new chrissy fabric arrives!)  

I am also part of another Facebook organised showcase which was meant for me, a Babushka and Kokeshi theme. Here is my completed offering which turned out beautifully using Amy Butler fabric and some gorgeous Japanese linen with babushka print. I had the linen in my stash for ages so it was great to use it for this lavender creation.

And here is my OOAK Kokeshi softie. I played around for a few days with this pattern and all the details; open or closed eyes, limbs/ no limbs etc and so this little girl came into being......and I love her. As with any new creation, the process is often full of uncertainty and even when it looks good on paper and even as a flat softie, you don't know what it will look like til it's stuffed. The shape changes, limbs look disproportionate and expressions can change but it's so rewarding to see that pencil drawing come to life, and be able to give it a hug. (Excuse her wonky bottom, I still need to sew her shut.....)


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