Friday, December 21, 2012

A Very Cute Hedgehog


A few weeks ago I bought the November issue of Homespun, purely for the cute hedgehog softie on the cover. The pattern inside was created by Sarah of Dolls and Daydreams and is really unique and relatively easy to make. The most difficult part of making this softie was sourcing the right fabric. Having never sewn with faux fur before I started looking online for fabric only to discover that a fat quarter was around the $50 mark! I swiftly went to Spotlight but their range was limited and not the greatest quality. My last trip was to Textile Traders, there was a remnant of this white tipped, soft brown faux fur material and at a reduced price. Admittedly I didn't need the entire 3 metre remnant but this fabric couldn't be more 'hedgehog'-like and I certainly won't run out of fabric!

This was my first attempt, it's not perfect, the fur will take a little getting used to and my pinking shears aren't the best cutters anymore but I will definitely be making more. And with an application already pending for a handmade market in March, I'll hopefully be able to get some public feedback in the near future. In the meantime Harper Hedgehog has a new owner.



  1. Fabulous choice of faux fur Penelope. Your hedgehog looks very cute indeed.

  2. Thank you, Megan. I couldn't have hoped for a more suitable fabric.
    Thank you for visiting x

  3. Oh my goodness she is adorable Penelope!!!!! I love her! What a cutie pie <3

    You know I find some of my best Faux Fur at thrift stores ... take that shag coat, give it a wash and wow .... fab faux fur for next to nothing compared to the stores! That being said .. you did find the perfect fur for her!!!!!

    Here's a Tip: Pins are your friends!!! You can never have too many when working with faux fur :) Also a marker pen works well to draw around your pattern on the back side ..... chalk and disappearing ink pens are really tough to see on it :)

    Hope this helps! Hugs and happy sewing! Do feel free to pop her on my Facebook wall, hugs Sarah xxxxx


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