Friday, February 1, 2013

Another Dress

I have a few softies on the go at the moment but I'm really enjoying this dress making stuff too. This piece of fabric (unfortunately I don't remember the designer and I cut off selvedge) has been in my stash for about two years. I originally intended to make a dress for Michaela with it but now that she's so tall, Harper is the lucky one to wear it. The pattern is the brownie goose Nelle pattern mentioned in a previous post and it's a size 2. (Harper is almost 19 months) It is a little gapey under her arms but this means it should last her the rest of the year and that's always good. The pattern and instructions were great, easy to follow and such a gorgeous design. You can add a trim to the sleeves, under the bodice or along the hem, or some decorative buttons. It is such a good feeling when you finally decide to cut into a piece of fabric you've been holding to for ages, and you absolutely love the final result.
Amazingly my darling girl stood still for a few seconds (with her beloved Paloma Penguin) to model her new dress.



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