Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Product Styling


Unfortunately I have very limited photography skills. I bought a digital SLR camera last year in an attempt to improve my skills and be more proactive with taking photos, and to date this has happened. Enrolling in a course is on my list along with reading the 'how to' books on my shelf. But the reality is that I will just play around with my camera, the settings, light and composition myself when I can.

A light box arrived this week so I've started to play around with it and a couple of items. I will need to add another lamp to the setup and again, to do some reading about to get the best out of it. The main reason behind purchasing the light box is to be able to capture the small details in my work, ie the stitching. Quite clearly the 'styling' also needs some work but I have to start somewhere. I love seeing pictures of beautifully and creatively arranged items, hopefully I'll learn to take some myself.



  1. I always admire how you photograph your pieces and envious so know you have been doing a fantastic job! I bought a light box a couple of years ago then I moved house shortly after and not sure where hubby put it. Finding the right balance of lighting is also an issue. However you have inspired me to nag him until he gets it down from whichever shelf it is on so I can try and improve my photography. You have beautiful creations x

  2. Great work! well done! If you ever want some photography tips let me know (I am a photographer) you have done a great job!


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