Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cot bedding???

I never bothered with fancy cot sheets, a bumper or skirt for Michaela's cot as a baby. The only thing I concerned myself with was a mattress protector for those little accidents and a good grobag as soon as she was too big to be swaddled. But now that I'm discovering lots of great blogs and nursery resources, I MUST have a pretty set ready for Bubba 2. As mentioned before though, I'm on a tight budget and sheet/ cot sets cost a packet!! I fell in love with these sets from The Hip Infant the other day.

Working to a budget is a priority and will obviously allow me to spend in other areas. I'm going to follow this great post from Prudent Baby and make one (or two) of my own fitted sheets, hopefully this will encourage me to tackle making a cot skirt too.

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