Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nursery Ideas- Part 1

A WARNING- the next six months will contain a number of baby nursery posts. Here's number one!
I will be interested to re-read this post in a few months to see whether I stick to my initial thoughts about creating baby 2's nursery or whether I change my mind a hundred times (which is highly likely!) My current thoughts are to keep it quite neutral but add a few splashes of colour. We already have a lot of grey in our house; walls, carpet, tiles and some furniture and so I'd like to continue this shade through to the nursery. We will probably convert the room to a study/ craft room at a later date and I'd like to do that with a minimum of fuss. The budget is pretty conservative too, a couple of hundred dollars, so I'll try to make as much as I can and be smart with the accessories. At least we have all the furniture ready to go and in excellent condition. Here are a couple of inspirational pics......

For the splashes of colour, I love the Pantone Honeysuckle and Yellow, or Teal and White. I will narrow my choices after our next scan!


  1. Love the Once Upon a Time Nursery your dolls a fan on FB..hopefully you will have time to work with me on an exciting new project I plan to launch in 3/4 months..will keep you posted when not all hush hush xx

  2. Ooooo, a secret project, sounds very exciting. Keep me posted, I'd love to hear all about it!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and fb page xx


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