Saturday, May 12, 2012

Get Crafty This Weekend

I hope you have a lovely weekend planned. And if you're a Mummy, there is some scheduled pampering and general fussing over time on the agenda for tomorrow. Being a mother is wonderful, difficult, emotional and everything in between and I am so grateful to my mother for showing me over the last 34 years how to do this job well.

If you are able to squeeze in a few minutes to yourself to be crafty this weekend, here are my picks from my travels around the blogosphere recently. Make a terrarium (indoor gardens are so hip right now!) or jazz up some simple paper lanterns with ribbon for your next party. 

1 Terrarium from Meet me at Mikes
2 A Toddler Scarf (using socks) from Living with Punks
3 Apple design tote bag from Craftstylish
4 Ribbon Lanterns from Martha Stewart

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