Monday, May 28, 2012

Not Quite As Planned

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was..... well, not quite as planned. One sickly child, another who likes waking before 5am and a thoroughly stupid stuff up on my part meant that I missed out on seeing Mathilda's Market. You'd think that by the age of 34 double checking the time that events start AND finish should come naturally. Nope. I drove all the way to the market venue, drove around for nearly half an hour to find a parking space only to find one which cost $15 flat rate and then found that I was an hour late. Embarrassed and feeling silly. Lesson learnt!

I did finish off a new project, something different and something that ended up taking hours!!!! But I am really happy with the end result. What do you think? This week's plans are dominated with catching up with friends and I have some 'proper' ie paid work starting for a couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll get some creative time at home too.

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