Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wonderful times

I/We've had a great few days!
My mother retired last week which is exciting for her and us as we can spend some more time together. I've already got her booked in to join us for our dance and gym classes.
We went into Fremantle on Saturday morning and visited the most gorgeous gift shop- Corner Store. I've not been to that part of Fremantle for a while so I'm not sure how long the shop has been there, but I will definitely be going back. They stock loads of cute baby things, books, bags, clothing, basically I could spend hours (and far too much money!) there.

I received my little cloud factory woven labels in the mail yesterday and I am just itching to stitch them into some softies I am working on!! I am really happy with how they turned out.

The pirate softie I am working on is taking shape. The doll is based on the baby chibi doll I've made before but it is the boy version. He is looking a bit like a South Park character at the moment in the face which I want to change....
We finally made it to IKEA today to get some fabric for their Sewing/Craft Competition I previously blogged about. I've decided on a big version of my chubby penguin (I think....) so I've got one week to get him cut, sewn, stuffed and ready.
And with 24C days (winter??!!) we've been out and about visiting friends with newborns as well as the park and play centres (which Michaela is very sad to leave.......cue tantrum and running away from mum!!)
I hope you've also had a great start to August 
Penelope x 

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