Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Market Bound

Well, actually it's MarketS Bound. I applied to be part of the Made on the Left Xmas Market the other day and found out today that I have been accepted- woo hoo!!! And in some bizarre/am I truly out of my mind moment  I also appplied and have been accepted to be a stall holder at the Handmade Children's Market. I only say 'out of my mind' because the markets are a week apart!!!! Anyway, the list is written and the fabric cutting has started so that I can get ready in time for both without any last minute stress.......having said that I have already had a dream where I realise that it's 11.30 and the market started at 10.

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  1. Congrats on getting into the markets! We must be sharing the same kind of crazy - I applied for (and was accepted) into 2 markets a week apart too!!! Darlington Arts Fest and MOTL. If you're there on Sunday I may just see you there!

    It's my first markets too, btw. We can have our panicky, last minute freakouts together! lol. Best of luck getting prepped - look forward to seeing your goodies!



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