Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dear Miss M

To our darling Michaela/ Missy Moo/ Moo Moo,

Unbelievably it was 3 years ago  today that we held you for the first time.
You have grown into an affectionate and kind little girl. You are gentle (except when you wrestle your father!) and love spending time with people. You are thoughtful, often asking if those around you are happy and OK. You love your 'ducky', he comes everywhere and receives many cuddles. You are brave and show independence and maturity beyond your young years. You love to read and be read to and you learn so much every day. You have taught us to enjoy the smallest things and you bring us such joy. You are a loving sister, keen to share everything with Harper and seeing you care for her is truly sweet.

We love you to bits

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