Friday, October 28, 2011

Online Reads

I look forward to my deliveries of Real Living each month, picking up Home Beautiful at the supermarket and snagging a free copy of Get Creative from Spotlight. I love the crisp pages and using coloured sticky notes to flag my pages of interest (yes, I'm a bit of a geek!) But having a good sit down with a magazine and a cup of tea these days is short lived. A toddler who always needs food, the potty or to be read a book and Miss H who nurses every 3 hours means my sticky notes rarely make an appearance. I can, however, prop the laptop next to me on the couch during feeds and check out one of my favourite online mags.

My Little Jedi - for lovely party ideas and supplies.

Adore Magazine for interior design

Inspired Ideas from the creative Amy at inspireco

Tiny and Little - Australian magazine celebrating all things precious.

Mollie Makes - handmade goodness

Tickle the Imagination - more handmade creations and ideas, market information and Australian small business links.

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