Friday, October 14, 2011


Unfortunately it's coming to the end of the school holidays and Jon will return to work next week. I expect that Michaela will take his absence quite badly as they have spent a lot of time together recently. He took her to the zoo along with a friend on Wednesday and for her first haircut yesterday. I love her long hair and it has taken me all this time to give in and get it cut. She, of course, wanted her Dad to take her so I shed a little tear as they took a lot of coercion and some bribery to get her to go but she returned very happy with glitter in her hair and a new book!

With Jon returning to work I found this post about creating 'quiet time' activity boxes. Michaela has recently dropped her afternoon nap (even though she still needs one as she i quiet tired by the late afternoon, as am I!) so this sounds like a perfect way to entertain her and give us both a little quiet time.

I think (and hope!) that Harper has turned the corner with her day and night sleeps, the day naps are a little more routine and preditable and she settles herself really well. I've also had a few nights of getting up once for a feed. The next thing to address with her is accepting a bottle feed. I have some work in the next few weeks so I'm hoping to leave her for about 4 hours. She wouldn't have a bar of it yesterday so I think this will take some persistence and a few tricks.

I am happy to say that I've also managed to get some sewing done. I have almost finished the petal cushion as well as a dress for Michaela. I'll share pics soon.

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