Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Donate a Doll

A few days ago I lent my support to the Facebook page TSL Dolly Drive 2013. Their goal is to provide 1000 dolls/softies to children around Australia who are currently spending time in hospital. This page quickly gathered support from numerous handmade softie and doll makers as well as people who were keen to take up the craft and make their first cuddly creation.

Image courtesy here
I plan to make two softies. The first will be a doll from a pattern by Revoluzzza. I bought the book, We Make Dolls, several months ago but haven't had a chance to make anything from it so this is the perfect motivation to do so. I also plan to make a boy friendly softie, I'm still deciding between my Spaceboy or perhaps a little ninja.

Do you want to help? Well, it's easy, simply offer your support through the TSL Dolly Drive Facebook page, find a pattern and get sewing. You'll find additional information on their page as well as some patterns to get you started. My advice for making a doll/softie for this drive is:

  1. Consider the boys. Let's ensure there is an even dolly-superhero ratio.
  2. If you are making a softie intended for a young child, remove all potential choking hazards including buttons and small felt/fabric pieces that may come loose. Use fabric that can be surface cleaned with ease and won't shed (ie fur)
  3. Double stitch all seams for strength and durability.
  4. Perhaps include a little note with your softie telling the recipient a little bit about their new friend.
If you are keen to make a dolly, here are a few of my favourite free online patterns to use:

  1. Ruby Doll courtesy of One Red Robin
  2. A Gingermelon Doll
  3. A Black Apple Doll
  4. A simple Matryoshka Doll by Snipsnaphappy
And for the boys:
  1. Superhero doll from Shwin&Shwin 
  2. Pirate doll from One More Mushroom
  3. A Lorax Stuffie from Crafty Kitsune
  4. A friendly monster from Revoluzza
Happy sewing (and stuffing) !

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