Monday, January 28, 2013

Where did January go?

So it's almost the end of January and I feel like the last few weeks went by in a blur. There were play dates, zoo visits and lots of family time riding bikes and growing vegetables. I squeezed in some sewing and got a few more business related things set up for the year ahead.

This was my view last week though.

Not bad isn't it? My husband and I spent five days at Maca Villas and Spa in Seminyak, Bali and it was a wonderfully relaxing stay. Five whole lazy days filled with delicious meals, mojitos, spa treatments and a little shopping, it was a perfect holiday. We missed our girls like crazy but I won't lie, the break from changing nappies, preparing food, washing up and saying the same thing repeatedly during the day, was a nice change. This was our first holiday in nearly five years and we are already planning to return as a family in the near future.

It's a good thing that I took time out to re-charge the batteries as I have a few sewing projects in the coming weeks. I need to finish the Pillowcases for Oncology drive organised by the Handmade Cooperative. After this I am participating in two showcases through Facebook, the first is a circus theme while for the second one I plan to release my new Easter bunny softie. I am also thrilled to have been accepted for the third time to have a stall at the March Perth Upmarket. My last two experiences at the market were really positive and I'd like to continue with what works for me and my business. Upon confirmation of my place at Upmarket I started one of many lists, what materials do I need, what/how many items shall I make and how to spread everything out over the coming five weeks to complete it all comfortably. So I predict my evenings will be spent cutting out and I'll squeeze my sewing in during the day. I plan to offer 3-4 different additional softies for this market so hopefully they will be well received. I also recently purchased a couple of clothing patterns to add to my collection as well as some fabrics so fingers crossed I can find some time to make some skirts and dresses too. Then there are birthdays, the TSL Dolly Drive and our eldest daughter starting Kindergarten.

Despite crazy busy February approaching I still plan to share some posts, updates and inspiration along the way. I recently signed up to Twitter, yes quite possibly one of the last people on earth to do so, but I'm going to try and embrace another social medium as the 'reach ability' of Facebook decreases. Now I just have to actually tweet something lol

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