Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cedric the Seahorse

I recently came across Lia's blog and immediately fell in love with her Mr Seahorse softie. So, with a girlfriend's daughter's 2nd birthday approaching I decided to give the pattern a go. It turned out really well, the pattern and instructions were easy to follow, it was quite easy to turn out and stuff and more importantly, it was well received at the birthday party.

But, of course, another little girl also took a fancy to the seahorse so I whipped one up for her the other day while she was having her nap. I really love the shiny fabric I used for the fin. We have named him 'Cedric.'


  1. aaacckkkk soooo cute :) congrats!!! I can't even make 2 myself hahahahhahaa...thanks for sharing

  2. Oh Cedric, you are adorable. Would you like to come and live with me under the sea??? Awesome Penny, well done :)


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