Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ideas a plenty

Having been a little house bound due to the wet weather these last few days has given me time explore some ideas and get a few projects underway.

1 I found a seller on ebay who will make me some woven tags so that I can start sewing them into my little creations. US $45 for 200 tags and they should be here in about a fortnight- yay!

2 I'm already thinking about and planning Michaela's 2nd birthday party. I've decided on an Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party. So I've begun playing around with an invitation and looking for ideas for bright, 'mad', tea party decorations.

3- A good friend asked me to create her a couple of softies so I made another seahorse and came up with a quick little pattern (thanks to google images for the basic outline) for a cuddly elephant. I think that I'm going to tweek him/her a little to be a bit more tactile for little ones, crinkly ears and maybe some rope for a tail. The same friend has also asked me to create another couple of new softies for her so I'm thinking about some cool pirate features- eye patch, tattered shirt/shorts, a little felt sword, a head bandana, a parrot friend.

4- Made on the Left Handmade Market is on this weekend at The Saint, Innaloo and I'm hoping to get there on one of the days. It's great that they are having different stalls on each day to allow more crafters to show their talents and I would think that it therefore won't be as crowded as the recent UpMarket at UWA. I'm still toying with the idea of applying to both markets for the opportunity to hold a stall........just not sure how much I would need to make for the market and whether I would have enough time to get everything ready.......food for thought though


  1. Hey Pen,
    I love your little cuddlies you made so much that I almost can't bear to give them away:( Thank you so much. They are such beautiful gifts. I have another request to make along with pirate boy and little pussycat....if you want my niece also loves fairies as well as cats, that might give you more ideas! But my Xmas wishlist for my other nieces is 2 horses. I know you will make something amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. Happy sewing xxx

  2. Alice in Wonderland tea party...genius! :)

  3. Love,
    I LOVE your creations and your creativity. You go, girl! I would love a seahorse and elephant asap, please!


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