Thursday, July 8, 2010

A busy few days.....

My husband took our daughter out on Tuesday morning so I had 5 whole hours to myself to do some sewing. I bought this fabric a few days earlier in the search for a little inspiration. Even though I have only used one of them, they gave me the kick start to finish off five chubby penguins which will hopefully enter my etsy store by the end of this week. Unfortunately I don't usually possess a lot of patience when I start a craft project, I have a picture in my mind of how I want it to look and I can sometimes rush to get there ....... needless to say the final result and picture in my mind don't match. I think I'm learning my lesson and have taken a lot more time and care with these little guys. I've hand stitched all the felt details and am looking forward to seeing them sitting on my desk!

The weather was glorious yesterday (we're in for storms for the next few days) so the three of us headed up to Kings' Park. Michaela loved climbing the play equipment, going down the slides (always backwards) and laughed the whole time on the swings. Fingers crossed that there is another nice day these school holidays so that we can go there again.

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  1. These chubby little fellows look about as cheeky as the penguins off Madagascar. Very cute Penny!


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