Saturday, July 24, 2010

A new creation

This pretty little pony went to a new home today. I hope that she is well loved and gives her owner lots of cuddles. This was my first attempt at creating a four legged softie- I won't show you the calico practice-pony as it's head was far too big for the rest of it's body and it struggled to stand on it's own. Anyway, after a little bit of playing around, this little one turned out well. The corduroy wasn't very forgiving and I had to reinforce it in a couple of places. Overall, I am happy with it and think that the saddle makes a nice addition (thanks to my husband's suggestion.)
Michaela is having a sleepover tonight so Jon and I are going to see Inception. We both loved The Dark Knight and are hoping to be entertained by another Christopher Nolan movie. We saw Exit Through The Gift Shop the other week which was really great, a documentary/ mockumentary by English street artist, Banksy.

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